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Designation: F-94 Starfire
Model: F-94C
Built as/Class: F-94C-1-LO
Identification No: 51-13556: USAF
Built at: Lockheed Aircraft Corporation (LAC)
Burbank, California, USA
Item Category: Fighter - Interceptor

Owner: National Museum of the USAF
Owner Reference No: A, F-94C, 51-13556
On Loan To: ND ANG Fargo, 119 AMXS

Current Status: Static Display
Displayed as: USAF 51-5605
Access: Restricted entry
Location: North Dakota ANG - 119th Air Wing Heritage Park
28th Ave at N University Dr
Fargo, North Dakota, USA
Lat/Long46.9111417, -96.7994278
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Info provided by/reference:
USAF Museum on loan Apr 2016

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Last update to record: 2019-02-22

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