Caboose, Extended Vision

46 items found

       ID Model City State Country
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 999727Extended Vision CabooseWilliamsArizona USA
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 999789Extended Vision CabooseHodgkinsIllinois USA
Baltimore & Ohio 90392(X )Extended Vision CabooseMarseillesIllinois USA
Burlington Northern 10522Extended Vision CabooseCaleraAlabama USA
Burlington Northern 10532Extended Vision CabooseLewistonIdaho USA
Burlington Northern 12063Extended Vision CabooseCentraliaIllinois USA
Burlington Northern 12272Extended Vision CabooseSandwichIllinois USA
Burlington Northern 12534Extended Vision CabooseGalesburgIllinois USA
Chesapeake & Ohio 3250Extended Vision CabooseGarrettIndiana USA
Chicago & Northwestern 12558Extended Vision CabooseBooneIowa USA
Chicago & Northwestern 12566Extended Vision CabooseBooneIowa USA
Chicago Central & Pacific 199506Extended Vision CabooseDelmarIowa USA
Chicago, Burlington, & Quincy 13593Extended Vision CaboosePrincetonIllinois USA
Chicago, Milwaukee, St Paul, & Pacific 01839Extended Vision CabooseItascaIllinois USA
Illinois Central Gulf 199002Extended Vision CabooseFreeportIllinois USA
Illinois Central Gulf 199003Extended Vision CabooseLenaIllinois USA
Louisville & Nashville 3155Extended Vision CabooseDeFuniak SpringsFlorida USA
Louisville & Nashville 35080Extended Vision CabooseHelenaAlabama USA
Seaboard Coast Line 1173Extended Vision CabooseZephyrhillsFlorida USA
Southern Pacific SSW2Extended Vision CabooseDeQuincyLouisiana USA
St Louis-San Francisco (Frisco) 1215Extended Vision CabooseAtmoreAlabama USA
Union Pacific 24548Extended Vision CabooseCouncil BluffsIowa USA
Louisville & Nashville 158Extended Vision Caboose, 28ftFoleyAlabama USA
Missouri Pacific 13649Extended Vision Caboose, 41ft 8inBeecherIllinois USA
Texas & Pacific 13623Extended Vision Caboose, 41ft 8inVilla GroveIllinois USA
Atlantic Coast LineExtended Vision, 30ft 5in, with PorchAshfordAlabama USA
Illinois Central Gulf 199415Extended Vision, 30ft 5in, with PorchCentraliaIllinois USA
Illinois Central Gulf 199423Extended Vision, 30ft 5in, with PorchLakeMississippi USA
Illinois Central Gulf 199539Extended Vision, 30ft 5in, with PorchForestMississippi USA
Illinois Central Gulf 199572Extended Vision, 30ft 5in, with PorchHazlehurstMississippi USA
Illinois Central Gulf 199672Extended Vision, 30ft 5in, with PorchRockmartGeorgia USA
Illinois Central Gulf 199678Extended Vision, 30ft 5in, with PorchHickoryMississippi USA
Missouri Pacific 13516Offset Wide Vision CabooseArthurIllinois USA
Missouri Pacific 13522Offset Wide Vision CabooseSan JoseCalifornia USA
Missouri Pacific 13523Offset Wide Vision CabooseAlmaArkansas USA
Saint Louis Southwestern 35Offset Wide Vision CabooseCampoCalifornia USA
Illinois Central Gulf 199305Wide Vision CabooseSullivanIllinois USA
Chicago & Southern 10636Wide Vision Caboose, 30ft 5in, extended porchMetropolisIllinois USA
Illinois Central Gulf 199351Wide Vision Caboose, 30ft 5in, extended porchUllinIllinois USA
Illinois Central Gulf 199365Wide Vision Caboose, 30ft 5in, extended porchPaxtonIllinois USA
Illinois Central Gulf 199445Wide Vision Caboose, 30ft 5in, extended porchGrayvilleIllinois USA
Illinois Central Gulf 199464Wide Vision Caboose, 30ft 5in, extended porchGolcondaIllinois USA
Illinois Central Gulf 199534Wide Vision Caboose, 30ft 5in, extended porchIndependenceIowa USA
Illinois Central Gulf 199542Wide Vision Caboose, 30ft 5in, extended porchPalestineIllinois USA
Illinois Central Gulf 199425Wide Vision Caboose, 30ft 5in, SteelCarbondaleIllinois USA
New York Central 124Wide Vision Caboose, 30ft 5in, SteelOlmstedIllinois USA
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