Caboose, Cupola

114 items found

       ID Model City State Country
Apalachicola Northern X12Center Cupola CabooseBlountstownFlorida USA
Atlantic Coast Line 0711Center Cupola CabooseBoca RatonFlorida USA
Atlantic Coast Line 186Center Cupola CabooseGreen Cove SpringsFlorida USA
Atlantic Coast Line 627Center Cupola CabooseCullmanAlabama USA
Atlantic Coast Line 643Center Cupola CabooseJacksonvilleFlorida USA
Atlantic Coast Line 716Center Cupola CabooseBarbervilleFlorida USA
Atlantic Coast Line 742Center Cupola CabooseJesupGeorgia USA
Atlantic Coast Line 763Center Cupola CabooseCallahanFlorida USA
Atlantic Coast Line 778Center Cupola CabooseLargoFlorida USA
Atlantic Coast Line 899Center Cupola CabooseSan AntonioFlorida USA
Atlantic Coast Line 964Center Cupola CabooseBowling GreenFlorida USA
Baltimore & Ohio C1916Center Cupola CabooseGarrettIndiana USA
Chesapeake & Ohio 90333Center Cupola CabooseBayou La BatreAlabama USA
Chesapeake & Ohio 90968Center Cupola CabooseToccoaGeorgia USA
Chicago South Shore & South Bend 345Center Cupola CabooseLaPorteIndiana USA
Chicago, Milwaukee, St Paul, & Pacific 01615Center Cupola CabooseFranklin ParkIllinois USA
CSX 01096Center Cupola CabooseTiftonGeorgia USA
CSX 976122Center Cupola CabooseFort MeadeFlorida USA
Gulf, Mobile & Ohio 2994Center Cupola CabooseCorinthMississippi USA
Gulf, Mobile & Ohio 2997Center Cupola CabooseBoonevilleMississippi USA
Louisville & Nashville 4069Center Cupola CabooseFalkvilleAlabama USA
Louisville & Nashville 6907Center Cupola CabooseCaleraAlabama USA
Norfolk & Western 518525Center Cupola CabooseAssumptionIllinois USA
Norfolk & Western 518613Center Cupola CabooseWinfieldAlabama USA
Norfolk & Western 555091Center Cupola CabooseAbingdonVirginia USA
Seaboard 20634Center Cupola CabooseDaisyGeorgia USA
Seaboard Air Line 1257Center Cupola CabooseFort MyersFlorida USA
Seaboard Air Line 5355Center Cupola CabooseWaldoFlorida USA
Seaboard Coast Line 01081Center Cupola CabooseWinderGeorgia USA
Seaboard Coast Line 0603Center Cupola CabooseChatsworthGeorgia USA
Seaboard Coast Line 0710Center Cupola CabooseHigh SpringsFlorida USA
Seaboard Coast Line 0712Center Cupola CabooseUmatillaFlorida USA
Seaboard Coast Line 0759Center Cupola CabooseColbertGeorgia USA
Seaboard Coast Line 0776Center Cupola CabooseAlabasterAlabama USA
Seaboard Coast Line 0820Center Cupola CabooseFlomatonAlabama USA
Seaboard Coast Line 0896Center Cupola CabooseDeerfield BeachFlorida USA
Seaboard Coast Line 0932Center Cupola CabooseLake PlacidFlorida USA
Seaboard Coast Line 1080Center Cupola CabooseDanvilleIllinois USA
Seaboard Coast Line 1081Center Cupola CabooseWaycrossGeorgia USA
Seaboard Coast Line 1139Center Cupola CabooseElkmontAlabama USA
Southern X2680Center Cupola CabooseCorneliaGeorgia USA
Supter & Choctaw 1000Center Cupola CabooseYorkAlabama USA
Union Pacific 25008Center Cupola CabooseSandpointIdaho USA
Union Pacific 25037Center Cupola CabooseBreaCalifornia USA
Union Pacific 25075Center Cupola CabooseSpencerIdaho USA
Union Pacific 25076Center Cupola CabooseNampaIdaho USA
Union Pacific 25113Center Cupola CabooseGlenns FerryIdaho USA
Union Pacific 25232Center Cupola CabooseLaramieWyoming USA
Union Pacific 25247Center Cupola CabooseCampoCalifornia USA
Union Pacific 25383Center Cupola CabooseEnglandArkansas USA
Union Pacific 25393Center Cupola CabooseFilerIdaho USA
Union Pacific 25425Center Cupola CabooseRigbyIdaho USA
Union Pacific 25443Center Cupola CabooseMorriltonArkansas USA
Union Pacific 25447Center Cupola CabooseIdaho FallsIdaho USA
Union Pacific 25457Center Cupola CabooseBlackfootIdaho USA
Union Pacific 25501Center Cupola CabooseHazenArkansas USA
Union Pacific 25515Center Cupola CabooseEldonMissouri USA
Union Pacific 25541Center Cupola CabooseWeiserIdaho USA
Union Pacific 25561Center Cupola CabooseSinclairWyoming USA
Union Pacific 25590Center Cupola CabooseMurphyIdaho USA
Union Pacific 25668Center Cupola CabooseMontroseColorado USA
Union Pacific 25670Center Cupola CabooseLimonColorado USA
Union Pacific 903221Center Cupola CabooseCentennialWyoming USA
unknown 13205Center Cupola CabooseOkeechobeeFlorida USA
Unknown Seaboard? 13264Center Cupola CabooseHiramGeorgia USA
Norfolk & Western 518550Center Cupola Caboose, 41ft 9inHomerIllinois USA
Alaska 1076Center Cupola Caboose, StreamlinedWhittierAlaska USA
Atlanta & St Andrews Bay 12Center Cupola Caboose, StreamlinedMalvernAlabama USA
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 1533End Cupoa CabooseRogersArkansas USA
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 1613End Cupola CabooseBarringtonIllinois USA
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 1767End Cupola CabooseGilbertownAlabama USA
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 999069End Cupola CabooseAntiochCalifornia USA
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 999156End Cupola CabooseSpearmanTexas USA
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 999235End Cupola CabooseFt MadisonIowa USA
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 999371End Cupola CabooseCampoCalifornia USA
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 999385End Cupola CabooseStreatorIllinois USA
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 999390End Cupola CabooseMartinezCalifornia USA
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 999414End Cupola CabooseStevinsonCalifornia USA
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 999520End Cupola CabooseKingmanArizona USA
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 999531End Cupola CabooseLomitaCalifornia USA
Canadian National 76218End Cupola CabooseFort ErieOntario Canada
Canadian Pacific 431970End Cupola CabooseMinnedosaManitoba Canada
Chicaco, Burlington, & Quincy 13501End Cupola CabooseGalesburgIllinois USA
Chicaco, Burlington, & Quincy 14451End Cupola CabooseMendotaIllinois USA
Chicago, Burlington, & Quincy 13820End Cupola CabooseHastingsFlorida USA
Chicago, Rock Island, & Pacific 17860End Cupola CabooseBentonvilleArkansas USA
Missouri Pacific 11351End Cupola CabooseCotterArkansas USA
Missouri Pacific 13252End Cupola CabooseSterlingIllinois USA
Missouri Pacific 13470End Cupola CabooseYellvilleArkansas USA
Norfolk & Western 562742End Cupola CabooseNew AlbanyIndiana USA
Southern X2828End Cupola CabooseRomeGeorgia USA
Illinois Central 9601End Cupola Caboose with side doorDuck HillMississippi USA
Illinois Central Gulf 199945End Cupola Caboose, 28ftGenoaIllinois USA
Illinois Central 9763End Cupola Caboose, 28ft with side doorVandaliaIllinois USA
Illinois Central 9765End Cupola Caboose, 28ft with side doorJonesboroIllinois USA
Chicago, Burlington, & Quincy 13536End Cupola Caboose, StreamlinedDoraAlabama USA
Illinois Central 199102End Cupola Caboose, StreamlinedTammsIllinois USA
Norfolk & Western 562826End Cupola Caboose, StreamlinedAndalusiaAlabama USA
Burlington Northern 10167Offset Cupola CabooseSedro WoolleyWashington USA
Chicago, Rock Island, & Pacific 17869Offset Cupola CabooseTinley ParkIllinois USA
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern 508Offset Cupola CabooseWheatonIllinois USA
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern 514Offset Cupola CaboosePlainfieldIllinois USA
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern 522Offset Cupola CabooseMorrisIllinois USA
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern 531Offset Cupola CabooseMattesonIllinois USA
Illinois Terminal 201Offset Cupola CabooseEast PeoriaIllinois USA
Missouri Pacific 12125Offset Cupola CabooseMascoutahIllinois USA
Missouri Pacific 13496Offset Cupola CabooseHarrisonArkansas USA
Northern Pacific 10065Offset Cupola CabooseStreatorIllinois USA
Rock Island 17882Offset Cupola CabooseSilvisIllinois USA
Seaboard Air LineOffset Cupola CabooseGainesvilleGeorgia USA
Southern Pacific 1058Offset Cupola CabooseLa MesaCalifornia USA
Southern Pacific 1160Offset Cupola CabooseBrooksOregon USA
Wabash 2523Offset Cupola CabooseOrland ParkIllinois USA
Burlington Northern 11396Offset Cupola Caboose, 30ftCentervilleIowa USA
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