3Truck Geared Locomotive

12 items found

       ID Model City State Country
Codelco Chile Division El Teniente 1460ton 3cylinder, 3Truck LocomotiveRancaguaRegion VI O'Higgins Chile, Republic of
Georgia Pacific 1965ton 3cylinder, 3Truck LocomotiveHarrodOhio USA
Crown Zellerbach Corp 670ton 3cylinder, 3Truck LocomotiveCathlametWashington USA
Feather River 170ton 3cylinder, 3Truck LocomotiveOrovilleCalifornia USA
Medford Logging 770ton 3cylinder, 3Truck LocomotiveDunsmuirCalifornia USA
Saginaw & Ministee Lumber Company 570ton 3cylinder, 3Truck LocomotiveWilliamsArizona USA
Willamette Iron and Steel 770ton 3cylinder, 3Truck LocomotiveMissoulaMontana USA
Royal Gorge 870ton 3cylinder, 3Truck, 36in gaugeCanon CityColorado USA
Blue Jay Lumber Co 1080ton 2cylinder, 3Truck LocomotiveElbeWashington USA
Canadian Forest Products 11580ton 3cylinder, 3Truck LocomotiveFort SteeleBritish Columbia Canada
Hetch Hetchy 680ton 3cylinder, 3Truck LocomotiveEl PortalCalifornia USA
Potlatch Forest Industries 9290ton 2cylinder, 3Truck LocomotiveLewistonIdaho USA
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