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We currently have 14 items in the inventory from around the world. This Apollo Test Capsule is at the Visitors Center at the Barringer Meteor Crater, Arizona

Rockets & Spacecraft Search Help

In static displays, what you see is not necessarily what is true. It is easy to paint a display to commemorate a specific historical item, and many are. We try to keep up with the "displayed as" names and serial numbers. Launch vehicles are interesting because one year they are "ICBM's" and the next they are "Launch Vehicles."

The terms rocket and missile have been used interchangeably so we define them as follows: a missile a weapon, and a rocket is designed or modified not to be a weapon. This includes radiosondes and research rockets used by the military. A missile modified to be a rocket will be found here. A missile displayed as a rocket will be under weapons.

If you cannot find a specific spacecraft listed by a name or serial number, try looking under the generic manufacturer or model. Location may or may not be a useful search as museums move items to update their displays, along with political and environmental pressures that also force moves.

If you can not find a particular manufacturer, model, type, or location it is because it is not in our database. Please tell us about those items you cannot find. Corrections and updates always appreciated.


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