Helicopter Manufacturers

American Helicopter Co; Div of Fairchild AircraftHagerstown,Maryland, USA
Bell Helicopter CorporationFort Worth,Texas, USA
Bell Helicopter Division of Bell Aircraft CorpGreenville,New York, USA
Bell Helicopter Textron IncFort Worth,Texas, USA
Bensen Aircraft CorporationRaleigh-Durham,North Carolina, USA
Boeing VertolPhiladelphia,Pennsylvania, USA
Brantly Helicopter CorpFrederick,Oklahoma, USA
Bristol Aeroplane CompanyFilton,England, UK
Cessna Aircraft CompanyWichita,Kansas, USA
Focke-Achgelis & Co GmbHHoyenkamp,Lower Saxony, Germany
Gyrodyne Company of AmericaSaint James,New York, USA
Hiller HelicoptersFirebaugh,California, USA
Hughes HelicoptersCulver City,California, USA
Kaman Aircraft CorporationBloomfield,Connecticut, USA
Kamov Design Bureau (Ka)Moscow, Russia
Kellett Autogyro CorporationWillowgrove,Pennsylvania, USA
Lockheed Aircraft CorporationBurbank,California, USA
McCulloch Aircraft CorporationMilwaukee,Wisconsin, USA
McDonnell Douglas CorporationSt Louis,Missouri, USA
Mil Design Bureaue (Mi)Moscow, Russia
Nash-Kelvinator CorporationDetroit,Michigan, USA
Piasecki Helicopter CorporationMorton,Pennsylvania, USA
Sikorsky Aircraft Div of United Technologies CorpStratford,Connecticut, USA
Westland AircraftYeovil,England, UK
Westland HelicoptersYeovil,England, UK
Yakovlev Design Bureau JSC (YAK)Moscow,N Admin Okrug, Russia
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