in need of some TLC, Hwy 101 Newport ORUS Army 6.2" field gun 1899, Mt Vernon WAUSAF Matador Cruise Missile, Valle AZ

Look at that! Everyone in their travels has found something old and interesting alongside the road. We provide a compilation of those items of interest for all to enjoy.

There are many specialized web sites dedicated to a specific interest such as aircraft, ships, or locomotives. This site is a searchable database for research of all types of items found around the world. Items listed may be on on the side of the road, on public display, in museums, or in private collections.

The web database is updated frequently. If you have anything you think should be added please click on "Add to our Collection" and let us know about it.

Our thanks to the following for permission to use their photos on our website:

Len Mozey at
John Anderson at War Memorials of Wisconsin,
Tom Gaard at Iowa Civil War Monuments,

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