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This French Schneider Mdle 1917 155mm breech loading howitzer can be found at the Fort Worden Cemetery, Port Townsend, Washington, USA.

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US Army model numbers are a little bit of trouble. When searching remember that they had a model "M1" for every type of item in their inventory. In 1962 when they became part of the Tri-Services they renumbered everything. They started with M-1 again in the 1980's. Built as/Class will show the original model and model will show the new model. For example: M1-155mm Gun (Long Tom) now M59, M1-155mm Artillery now M114, M1-120mm Anti-Air (Stratosphere Gun), M1-90mm Anti-Air (Skysweeper) now M51, ...etc.. If you cannot find a specific type listed by a name or serial number, try looking under the generic manufacturer or model. Location may or may not be a useful search as museums move items to update their displays, along with political and environmental pressures that also force moves.

If you can not find a particular manufacturer, model, type, or location it is because it is not in our database. Please tell us about those items you cannot find. Corrections and updates always appreciated.

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