We currently have 14273 items listed in the inventory. These WWII cannon were on the Island of Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territories. We have not been able to verify that both are still there.

About Us

Our mission is to document our heritage and provide an easy means for the public to locate those items. Our founder is a retired Naval Officer, and grew up as a "Strat Brat" (his dad is retired Air Force.) His interest in finding historical items started at a young age when he walked on a Roman road in Spain. After retiring from the Navy, he returned to a town in California to revisit an aircraft on display there, only to find it removed and no one could tell him where it went. That aircraft, Republic XF-84H serial number 51-17059, started the ball rolling for this website. He found it eventually, and visited it again in 2012. The picture of the cannon above was taken by him in 1978 when he spent a year on the island.

We have six researchers in the US, but none overseas at the present time. They work out of their homes and provide photographic and local research for the website.

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