Amphibious Tractor
Armored Personnel Carrier
Armored Reconnaissance
Artillery Shell, HE
Artillery, Anti-Aircraft
Artillery, Fixed, Coastal
Artillery, Mortar
Artillery, Muzzleloader, Bronze
Artillery, Muzzleloader, Iron
Artillery, Railway Gun
Artillery, Self-propelled
Artillery, Towed, Anti-tank
Artillery, Towed, Field Gun
Artillery, Towed, Howitzer
Artillery, transitional
Buzz Bomb
Construction Equip., Military
Gun, Anti-tank, Self propelled
Gun, Shipboard
Gun, Shipboard Dual Purpose
Gun, Ships Main Battery
Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Machinegun, Heavy
Missile, Air to Air
Missile, Air to Surface
Missile, ALBM
Missile, Anti Ship
Missile, Anti-Radiation
Missile, Anti-Tank
Missile, Ballistic
Missile, Cruise, Air Launch
Missile, Cruise, Ground Launch
Missile, ICBM
Missile, IRBM
Missile, Surface to Air
Rocket - Anti Aircraft
Rocket Launcher, Man Portable
Tank Destroyer
Tank, Heavy
Tank, Light
Tank, Main Battle
Tank, Medium
Tank, Special Purpose
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