U-2 Dragon Lady

ID Location City State Country
56-6682: USAF; 709: NASARobins AFB Museum of Aviation Warner RobinsGeorgia USA
56-6692: USAFImperial War Museum Duxford DuxfordEngland United Kingdom
56-6693: USAFCentral Museum of the Air Force MoninoMoskovskaya oblast Russian Federation
56-6701: USAFStrategic Air and Space Museum AshlandNebraska USA
56-6707: USAFLaughlin AFB Heritage Airpark Del RioTexas USA
56-6714: USAFBeale AFB Beale AFBCalifornia USA
56-6716: USAFDavis-Monthan AFB Air Park TucsonArizona USA
56-6721: USAFBlackbird Air Park PalmdaleCalifornia USA
56-6722: USAFNational Museum of the US Air Force Wright-Patterson AFBOhio USA
56-6953: USAFNorwegian Aviation Museum KjellerSalten Region Norway, Kingdom of
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