M1/M116 75mm Pack Howitzer

ID Location City State Country
0137American Legion Post 55 AlbionMichigan USA
0170Veterans Memorial Park Port AustinMichigan USA
0176Veterans Memorial GardendaleAlabama USA
0187VFW Post 6963 ColvilleWashington USA
0205VFW Post 5467 Kennett SquarePennsylvania USA
0229Veterans Park North PrairieWisconsin USA
0240Veterans Memorial next to Post Office PlainWisconsin USA
0285American Legion Post 396 BrigantineNew Jersey USA
0344American Legion Post 902 Rock FallsIllinois USA
0432American Legion Post 13 Richland CenterWisconsin USA
0437American Legion Post 145 DouglasvilleGeorgia USA
0457American Legion Post 95 VandaliaIllinois USA
0460Rose Hill Cementery CamancheIowa USA
0572Orchard Mesa Municipal Cemetery Grand JunctionColorado USA
0608American Legion Post 247 TyngsboroMassachusetts USA
0649VFW Post 6255 Cedar GroveNew Jersey USA
0728Veterans Memorial Park Rush CityMinnesota USA
0760Taney County Courthouse ForsythMissouri USA
0779VFW Post 7064 TaborIowa USA
0803Old Hill Cemetery NewburyportMassachusetts USA
0846Pennsylvania Military Museum BoalsburgPennsylvania USA
0887Silent Wings Museum LubbockTexas USA
1061Veterans Memorial WausaNebraska USA
1100VFW Post 1083 CrothersvilleIndiana USA
1132VFW Post 6791 West ChicagoIllinois USA
1178American Legion Post 317 YardleyPennsylvania USA
1275American Legion Post 432 WheatlandPennsylvania USA
1298Zelasko Park AberdeenWashington USA
1323VFW Post 1437 SpringdalePennsylvania USA
1324American Legion Post 293 Silver LakeWisconsin USA
1499VFW Post 7687 Chesapeake CityMaryland USA
1652DAV Chapter 116 WhitinsvilleMassachusetts USA
1676VFW Post 1118 CushingOklahoma USA
1710VFW Park RochelleIllinois USA
1736American Legion Post 12 FrankfortIndiana USA
1737VFW Post 4850 JasperAlabama USA
1853VFW Post 6977 York BeachMaine USA
1891American Legion Post 219 OblongIllinois USA
1905American Legion Post 21 MoorheadMinnesota USA
1978Greenville Highschool GreenvilleOhio USA
2119South Beloit Municipal Park South BeloitIllinois USA
2311VFW Post 8662 PeoriaIllinois USA
2318American Legion Post 24 BlythevilleArkansas USA
2319American Legion Post 369 OaklandNew Jersey USA
2432Veterans Memorial Webster CityIowa USA
2503Old Hill Cemetery NewburyportMassachusetts USA
2505Veterans Memorial Park Port WashingtonWisconsin USA
2578American Legion Post 53 West MemphisArkansas USA
2583VFW Post 6791 West ChicagoIllinois USA
2742American Legion Post 13 MonroeLouisiana USA
2768VFW Post 1881 CheyenneWyoming USA
2828VFW Post 1946 NaugatuckConnecticut USA
2850Veterans Memorial HudsonvilleMichigan USA
3017Mt Auburn Cemetery Mount AuburnIowa USA
3107American Legion Post 13 MonroeLouisiana USA
3134VFW Post 7223 AmityvilleNew York USA
3181VFW Post 1197 BataviaOhio USA
3182VFW Post 3656 Wake Island Memorial BristowOklahoma USA
3188American Legion Post 27 GlennallenAlaska USA
3208VFW Post 1142 North WilkesboroNorth Carolina USA
3314Union Cemetery BataviaOhio USA
3340VFW Post 4087 DavisonMichigan USA
3408Causland Memorial Park AnacortesWashington USA
3422Veterans Memorial RemsenIowa USA
3425Mercer County Courthouse MercerPennsylvania USA
3438Park Ave Armory New YorkNew York USA
3551American Legion Post 299 SharonPennsylvania USA
3620Red Arrow Park KenoshaWisconsin USA
3649Veterans Memorial Park KenyonMinnesota USA
4034Riverside Cemetery Union CityMichigan USA
4054VFW Post 2479 SweetwaterTexas USA
4059VFW Post 755 SpringfieldIllinois USA
4064VFW Post 2901 CambridgeOhio USA
4350VFW Post 10043 LewistonIdaho USA
4507American Legion Post 45 La PineOregon USA
4594Veterans Memorial in Firemans Park CampbellsportWisconsin USA
4634Veterans Memorial WampumPennsylvania USA
4710Veterans Memorial MorrisvilleVermont USA
4770Veterans Memorial Park BeavertonOregon USA
4775VFW Post 755 SpringfieldIllinois USA
4821VFW Post 1238 BellevueOhio USA
4918Town Square Park HumboldtNebraska USA
4928Veterans Memorial Voorhees TownshipNew Jersey USA
5010American Legion Post 95 DelavanWisconsin USA
5012Village Hall NorthbrookIllinois USA
5075Veterans Memorial Beaver FallsPennsylvania USA
5132Veterans Memorial Park MartinsvilleIllinois USA
5220American Legion Post 180 GranvilleIllinois USA
5272VFW Post 664 ClintonvilleWisconsin USA
5459SS Emido Memorial Park Crescent CityCalifornia USA
5996VFW Post 8838 RoeblingNew Jersey USA
6008VA Medical Center BathNew York USA
6162Veterans Memorial Villa GroveIllinois USA
6215Village Hall AndoverIllinois USA
6222VFW Post 1142 North WilkesboroNorth Carolina USA
6234Arizona ANG - 161st Air Refueling Wing PhoenixArizona USA
6539VFW Post 8838 RoeblingNew Jersey USA
6548American Legion Post 143 BristolIndiana USA
6626VFW Post 7333 RandolphNew Jersey USA
6713American Legion Post 143 FairfieldConnecticut USA
6786Veterans Memorial at County Courthouse SidneyIowa USA
6852American Legion Post 677 MilesIowa USA
6861Louisiana Military Museum RustonLouisiana USA
6916Plaza Park VenturaCalifornia USA
6937American Legion Post 142 BlanchardvilleWisconsin USA
8038American Legion Post 392 PeotoneIllinois USA
8198Gen Tommy Franks Leadership Institute HobartOklahoma USA
8299VFW Post 4323 PrincetonIllinois USA
8515VFW Post 8081 WarrenvilleIllinois USA
8577American Legion Post 95 DelavanWisconsin USA
8683Battery Park Lone RockWisconsin USA
8797American Legion Post 346 GanadoTexas USA
8808VFW Post 8801 SmyrnaDelaware USA
8843Sutter Cemetery SutterCalifornia USA
9375American Legion Post 164 GrundyVirginia USA
9436West View Cemetery La Porte CityIowa USA
9437Park Ave Armory New YorkNew York USA
9446Townsend Park New BrightonPennsylvania USA
9467Veterans Memorial HayfieldMinnesota USA
9500Veterans Memorial next to Mill Pond Park OwenWisconsin USA
9572Veterans Memorial CottonwoodMinnesota USA
D3850Watson Cemetery WatsonIllinois USA
D4821First Division Museum at Cantigny Park WheatonIllinois USA
unknown 5446VFW Post 776 RadfordVirginia USA
unknown 5724VFW Post 7340 CincinnatiOhio USA
unknown 5730Veterans Memorial Park KoppelPennsylvania USA
unknown5684American Legion Post 487 ChesterIllinois USA
unknown5685Veterans Memorial LaddIllinois USA
unknown5699American Legion Post 180 RosedaleMaryland USA
unknown5703American Legion Post 106 GraylingMichigan USA
unknown5705VFW Post 2335 MecostaMichigan USA
unknown5706VFW Post 7573 New BaltimoreMichigan USA
unknown5713American Legion Post 70 SeabrookNew Hampshire USA
unknown5728American Legion Post 834 LevittownPennsylvania USA
unknown5735American Legion Post 758 Sugar GrovePennsylvania USA
unknown5739VFW Post 1841 DalevilleVirginia USA
unknown7102VFW Post 4845 EssingtonPennsylvania USA
unknown7213Veterans Memorial in Lakeshore Park StarbuckMinnesota USA
unknown7436National Guard Armory WishekNorth Dakota USA
unknown7460American Legion Park RothsayMinnesota USA
unknown7579St. John's Northwestern Military Academy DelafieldWisconsin USA
unknown7697Veteran Memorial Park GraftonWisconsin USA
unknown7825Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Willamalane Park SpringfieldOregon USA
unknown8581VFW Post 4647 AntelopeCalifornia USA
unknown8765Battery Park BurlingtonVermont USA
unknown8878VFW Post 242 BoontonNew Jersey USA
unknown8879Ivandell Cemetery SomersNew York USA
unknown8881County Courthouse Parking Lot MarshallTexas USA
unknown9079Old Courthouse Museum Santa AnaCalifornia USA
unknown9298Central Oklahoma University Thatcher Hall Oklahoma CityOklahoma USA
unknown9299Noble County Courthouse PerryOklahoma USA
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