H-54 Tarhe (Skycrane)

ID Location City State Country
64-14203: USAUS Army Transportation Museum, Ft Eustis Newport NewsVirginia USA
66-18409: USA1st Calvery Division Museum Fort HoodTexas USA
67-18418: USAStead Army National Guard Base RenoNevada USA
67-18424: USACombat Air Museum TopekaKansas USA
68-18434: USAMississippi Armed Forces Museum HattiesburgMississippi USA
68-18437: USAPima Air and Space Museum TucsonArizona USA
68-18438: USAUS Army Aviation Museum Fort RuckerAlabama USA
69-18464: USASouthern Museum of Flight BirminghamAlabama USA
69-18465: USANew England Air Museum Windsor LocksConnecticut USA
69-18479: USAAlabama ANG - 117th Air Refueling Wing Air Park BirminghamAlabama USA
70-18486: USARussell Military Museum ZionIllinois USA
70-18488: USAAlaska National Guard Memorial Airpark AnchorageAlaska USA
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