H-21 Workhorse

ID Location City State Country
51-15857: USAFNational Museum of the US Air Force Wright-Patterson AFBOhio USA
51-15859: USAFUSS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park MobileAlabama USA
52-08676: USAFStrategic Air and Space Museum AshlandNebraska USA
52-08685: USAFRobins AFB Museum of Aviation Warner RobinsGeorgia USA
52-08688: USAFTravis AFB Heritage Center FairfieldCalifornia USA
52-08696: USAFElmendorf AFB Heritage Air Park AnchorageAlaska USA
52-08706: USAFKirtland AFB - 58th Special Operations Wing Air Park AlbuquerqueNew Mexico USA
53-4323: USAFBerryman War Memorial Park BridgeportWashington USA
53-4324: USAFVintage Flying Museum Fort WorthTexas USA
53-4362: USAFMuseum of Alaska Transportation and Industry WasillaAlaska USA
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