Caboose, Extended Vision

14 items found

       ID Model City State Country
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 999727Extended Vision CabooseWilliamsArizona USA
Burlington & Northern 10522Extended Vision CabooseCaleraAlabama USA
Chesapeake & Ohio 903303Extended Vision CabooseHelenaAlabama USA
Chesapeake & Ohio 90331730ft 5in Extended Vision with PorchAshfordAlabama USA
Gulf, Mobile & Ohio 272428ft Extended Vision CabooseFoleyAlabama USA
Illinois Central 1953930ft 5in Extended Vision with PorchForestMississippi USA
Illinois Central 9425; ICG 19942530ft 5in Steel Wide Vision CabooseCarbondaleIllinois USA
Illlinois Central Gulf 19957230ft 5in Extended Vision with PorchHazlehurstMississippi USA
Illlinois Central Gulf 19967830ft 5in Extended Vision with PorchHickoryMississippi USA
Illlinois Central Gulf 942330ft 5in Extended Vision with PorchLakeMississippi USA
Missouri Pacific 13522Offset Wide Vision CabooseSan JoseCalifornia USA
Missouri Pacific 13523Offset Wide Vision CabooseAlmaArkansas USA
Saint Louis Southwestern 35Offset Wide Vision CabooseCampoCalifornia USA
St Louis-San Francisco (Frisco) 1215Extended Vision CabooseAtmoreAlabama USA
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