A-5 Vigilante

ID Location City State Country
146697: USNNAS Patuxent River Patuxent RiverMaryland USA
149289: USNPima Air and Space Museum TucsonArizona USA
151629: USNPueblo Weisbrod Museum PuebloColorado USA
156608: USNNaval Support Activity Mid-South MillingtonTennessee USA
156612: USNNAF Key West Boca Chica KeyFlorida USA
156615: USNCastle Air Museum AtwaterCalifornia USA
156621: USNEmpire State Aeroscience Museum ScotiaNew York USA
156624: USNNational Naval Aviation Museum PensacolaFlorida USA
156632: USNNAS Sanford Memorial Park SanfordFlorida USA
156638: USNNAS Fallon FallonNevada USA
156640: USNUS Naval Museum of Armament and Technology China LakeCalifornia USA
156641: USNUSS Midway Museum San DiegoCalifornia USA
156643: USNNAS Patuxent River Patuxent RiverMaryland USA
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