Artillery, Black Powder, Iron

1-pdr Gun
1.5-pdr Gun
10-pdr Gun
10in Brooke Gun
10in Columbiad CSA
10in Columbiad M1844
10in Columbiad M1848
10in Columbiad M1849
10in Columbiad M1850
10in Columbiad M1851
10in Columbiad M1852
10in Columbiad M1853
10in Howitzer M1842
10in Parrott Rifle M1861
10in Rodman Gun M1856
10in Rodman Gun M1861
10in Rodman Gun M1861, sleeved to 8in rifle
11in Dahlgren Gun
11in Dahlgren shell gun sleeved to 8in rifle
12-pdr Experimental Gun
12-pdr Gun
12-pdr Gun M1840
12-pdr Gun M1845
12-pdr Howitzer
12-pdr QF Rifle, Armstrong
12-pdr Winslow Gun
13-pdr Gun
15in Dahlgren Gun
15in Rodman Gun
16-pdr Gun
18-pdr Carronade
18-pdr Gun
18-pdr Gun CS
2-pdr Gun
2-pdr Woodruff Gun
2.9in in Blakely Rifle
2.9in Parrott Rifle M1861
20in Rodman
24-pdr Carronade, Swedish
24-pdr Gun
24-pdr Gun 32cwt
24-pdr Gun 50cwt
24-pdr Gun M1819
24-pdr Gun M1840
24-pdr Gun M1845
24-pdr Gun, 49cwt
24-pdr Howitzer
24-pdr Howitzer M1819
24-pdr Howitzer M1844
24-pdr Howitzer M1861
24-pdr Long Gun
3-pdr Gun
3.2in Breech Loading Rifle - Experimental
3.3in Parrott Rifle
3.5in Blakely Rifle
3.67in Delafield Rifle
3.67in Parrott Rifle M1861
3.67in Sawyer Rifle
3.75in Blakely Rifle
32-pdr Carronade
32-pdr Gun 33cwt
32-pdr Gun 42cwt
32-pdr Gun 4500lbs
32-pdr Gun 45cwt
32-pdr Gun 47cwt
32-pdr Gun 51cwt
32-pdr Gun 57cwt
32-pdr Gun 60cwt
32-pdr Gun 62cwt
32-pdr Gun M1829
32-pdr Gun M1840
32-pdr Gun M1845
32-pdr Long Gun, USS Constitution
32-pdr Naval Cannon
3in Armstrong Rifle
3in Field Gun
3in Ordnance Rifle M1861
3in Parrott Rifle
3in Rifle - Experimental
3in Rifle CSA
4-pdr Gun
4-pdr Two Barreled Gun
4.2in Parrott Rifle M1861
4.2in Rifle CSA
4.5in Blakely Rifle
4.5in Ordnance Rifle M1861
4.5in QF Howitzer
4.62in Gorgas Rifle
42-pdr Gun
42-pdr Gun 70cwt
42-pdr Gun M1845
4in Dahlgren Rifle
4in Rifle
5-pdr Gun
5.1in Dahlgren Rifle
5.3in Navy Parrott Rifle M1864
5.82in rifle (M1845)
6-pdr Griffin Gun
6-pdr Gun
6-pdr Gun CS
6-pdr Gun M1815
6-pdr Gun M1819 - Walking Stick
6-pdr Gun M1834
6-pdr Gun, Cadet
6.4in Brooke Rifle
6.4in Gun (M1845)
6.4in Parrott Rifle M1861
64-pdr Gun
7.5in Blakely Rifle
7in Brooke Rifle
7in rifle (M1845)
8in Brooke Rifle
8in Columbiad M1844
8in Dahlgren Rifle
8in Howitzer M1839
8in Howitzer M1840
8in Howitzer M1861
8in Mortar M1840
8in Naval Cannon
8in Naval Gun
8in Naval Shell Gun
8in Navy Columbiad
8in Parrott Rifle M1861
8in Rodman Gun M1861
8in Seacoast Howitzer M1840
8in Seacoast Howitzer M1861
9in Blakely Rifle
9in Dahlgren Shell Gun
Guns, unk mfr, unk pattern
Saluting Guns of local manufacture
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