Supermarine Spitfire

6 items found

ID Model Location City State Country
NH188: UKRAFSpitfire LF Mk IXCanada Aviation And Space Museum OttawaOntario Canada
P8332: UKRAFSpitfire MK IIBCanada War Museum OttawaOntario Canada
TE214: UKRAFSpitfire Mk 16ECanadian Warplane Heritage Museum Mount HopeOntario Canada
TE288: UKRAFSpitfire LF Mk16EAir Force Museum of New Zealand ChristchurchSouth Island New Zealand
TE356: UKRAFSpitfire LF Mk XVIeEvergreen Aviation Musuem McMinnvilleOregon USA
UB421: MAFSpitfire LF Mk IXeDefence Services Museum NaypyidawMandalay Region Myanmar, Republic of the Union of
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