Vehicle Manufacturers

American La FranceUSA1903-
Birmingham Small Arms Company (BSA)UK1919-1979
Boeing Aircraft CompanyUSA1934-1997 Became The Boeing Company
Borg-Warner CorporationUSA1928 -
Cadillac GageUSA1941-1986 became Cadillac-Gage Textron
Corgi Motorcycle Co LtdUK1946-1954
Crossley Motors LtdUK1910-1969
David Brown LtdUK1860-1993
Dodge Division of Chrylser MotorsUSA
Douglas EquipmentUK1947-
Ford Motor CompanyUSA
Ford Motor Company LtdUK1909-1960 became Ford of Britan
Holt Manufacturing CoUSA1892-1925 became Catapillar
Lancer BossUK1959-1994
Morris Motors LtdUK1919-1984
Oshkosh Truck CorporationUSA
R A Lister & CoUK1867-1986 became Lister-Petter
Rover Motor CoUK1904-1967
Willys-Overland MotorsUSA1936-1953 became Willys Motor Co under Kaiser Motors
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