AerotecBrazil1962-1987 bought by Embraer
American Helicopter Co; Div of Fairchild AircraftUSA1954-1959
Bell Helicopter CorporationUSA1951-1960 became Bell Aerospace Corp, div of Textron
Bell Helicopter Division of Bell Aircraft CorpUSA1942-1951 moved to Ft Worth as Bell Helicopter Corp
Bell Helicopter Textron IncUSA1976-present
Bensen Aircraft CorporationUSA1952-1987
Boeing VertolUSA1960-1987 became Boeing Helicopters
Brantly Helicopter CorpUSA1945-1957
Bristol Aeroplane CompanyUK1910-1959 merged into BAC
Gyrodyne Company of AmericaUSA1946-1975 became a real estate investment company
Hiller HelicoptersUSA1948-1964 became Fairchild Hiller
Hughes HelicoptersUSA1955-1984 sold to McDonnell Douglas
Kaman Aircraft CorporationUSA1945-
Kamov Design Bureau (Ka)Russia1947-2006 became Oboronprom Corp
Kellett Autogyro CorporationUSA1929-195?
Lockheed Aircraft CorporationUSA1932-1995 merged with Martin-Marietta into Lockheed Martin
McCulloch Aircraft CorporationUSADiv of McCulloch Motors Corp
McDonnell Douglas CorporationUSA1967-1997 merged into Boeing
Mil Design Bureaue (Mi)Russia1947-2006 became Oboronprom Corp
Piasecki Helicopter CorporationUSA1946-1956 Became Vertol Aircraft Corporation
Sikorsky Aircraft Div of United Technologies CorpUSA1929-
United HelicoptersUSA1945-1948 became Hiller Helicopters
Westland HelicoptersUK1961-
Yakovlev Design Bureau JSC (YAK)Russia1934-1992
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