Aircraft Manufacturers

Advanced Aviation IncUSAKit planes
Aerial Experimental AssociationCanada1907-1909
AermacchiItaly1957-2003 became Alenia Aermacchi
Aero CommanderUSA1950-1981
Aero Design and Engineering CompanyUSA1950-1960 became Aero Commander Division of Rockwell International
Aero VodochodyCzech Rep1919-
Aerocar International (Taylor)USA1949-
Aeronautica MacchiItaly1912- 1957 became Aermacchi
Aeronca Aircraft CorporationUSA1928-1937 Moved to Middletown
Aeroplanes Hanriot et CieFrance1914-1930 became Lorraine-Hanriot
Air Force Research LabUSA
Airspeed LtdUK1934 - 1951 merged with De Havilland
Akron Aircraft Co (FUNK)USA1939-1940 moved to Coffeyville Kansas and became Funk Aircraft Co
Al BackstromUSA1954
Albatros-Flugzeugwerke GmbHGermany1910-1931 merged with Focke-Wulf
Allgemeine Elektrizitäts Gesellschaft (A.E.G.)Germany1883 - present
Alliance AircraftUSA1928-1930
American Airplane & Engine CorporationUSA
American AviationUSA1964-1972 became Grumman-American Aviation Corp
American Eagle Aircraft CorporationUSA1925-1930
Antonov Design Bureau (An)Ukraine1946-1991 became Antonov State Company
Armstrong Whitworth AircraftUK1912-1961 merged into Hawker Siddeley
Arrow Aircraft & Motor CorporationUSA1925-1939
Auster Aircraft LtdUK1946-1961 merged into Beagle Aircraft
AV Roe and Company (AVRO)UK1910-1963 absorbed by Hawker-Siddeley
AV Roe Canada, Ltd (AVRO Canada)Canada1945-1962 subsidiary of Hawker Siddely became Hawker Siddely Canada
Avid AircraftUSA1983-2003
Bede Aircraft CompanyUSA1961-1979
Beech Aircraft CorporationUSA1932-1980 became division of Ratheon
Beech Aircraft, Division of RatheonUSA1980-1994 became Ratheon Aircraft Company
Bell Aircraft CorporationUSA1935-1960
Bell BoeingUSAV-22 Osprey
Bellanca Aircraft CompanyUSA1927-1983 became AviaBellanca Aircraft Corp
Bereznyak-Isayev Design BureauRussia
Beriev Design Bureau (Be)Russia1934-
Blackburn Aircraft LtdUK1939-1963 absorbed by Hawker Siddeley
Bleriot, Recherches Aeronautiques LouisFrance1906-1913
Blohm und VossGermany1877- now part of ThyssenKrupp Marine
Boeing Aircraft CompanyUSA1934-1997 Became The Boeing Company
BolkowGermany1948-1968 became Messerschmitt-Bölkow
Bounsall AircraftUSA
Brewster Aeronautical CorpUSA1932-1946
Bristol Aeroplane CompanyUK1910-1959 merged into BAC
British Aerospace (BAe)UK1977 merger of Hawker Siddely, British Aircraft, and Scottish Aircraft
British Aircraft Corporation (BAC)UK1959-1977 merged into British Aerospace
Brunner-Winkle, IncUSA1928-1931
Bucker-Flugzeugbau GmbHGermany1932-1945 assets seized by the Russians at the end of the war
Buhl Aircraft CompanyUSA1927-1930 Became Buhl Airport
Bushby, RobertUSA1958- Updated David Long's Midget Mustang, sold as plans
Bushmaster CorporationUSAProduced 2 aircraft
Canadair LtdCanada1944-1986 became Bombardier Aerospace
Caproni, Societa de Agostini eItaly1908-1950
Caquot, AlbertFrance
Cessna Aircraft CompanyUSA
Chance Vought Aircraft IncUSA1954-1962 merged into Ling-Temco-Vought (LTV)
Chance Vought Div United AircraftUSA1942-1949 Move to Dallas
Companhia Aeronáutica Paulista (CAP)Brazil1942-1948
Comper Aircraft CompanyUK1929-1934
Consolidated Aircraft CorporationUSA1923-1943 Merged with Vultee to become Consolidated Vultee
Consolidated Vultee Aircraft CorporationUSA1943-1953 became Convair Division of General Dynamics
Convair Division of General DynamicsUSA1953-1996
Corben Sport Plane and Supply CoUSA1931-1952 assets sold to Paul Poberezny
Culver Aircraft CorporationUSA1939-1946 became Superior Aircraft Co
Cunningham-Hall Aircraft CorporationUSA1928-1948
Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor CompanyUSA1916-1929 became Curtiss-Wright
Curtiss-Wright Airplane DivisionUSA1929-1948 Sold assets to North American
Dai-ichi Kaigun Koku GijitsushoJapan
Dassault, Avions MarcelFrance1947-1971
de Havilland Aircraft CompanyUK1920-1964 merged into Hawker Siddeley
de Havilland CanadaCanada
Dean TruaxUSA
Denney Aircraft CoUSA1984-1992 sold rights to Skystar Aircraft Corp
Dornier FlugzeugwerkeGermany1922-1996 became Fairchild-Dornier
Douglas Aircraft CompanyUSA1921-1967 Merged with McDonnell Aircraft Corporation
Edmund Schneider FlugzeugbauGermany1938-1942
Engineering and Research Corporation (ERCO)USA1930-
English Electric Company, LtdUK1918-1968 became BAC
Experimental Factory for Sport AviationLithuania
Fabrica Militar de Aviones (FMA)Argentina1927-1995
Fairchild Airplane Manufacturing CoUSA1924-1936 Became Fairchild Engine and Airplane Co
Fairchild Engine and Airplane Co/CorpUSA1936-1961 Became Fairchild Stratos Corp
Fairchild IndustriesUSA1971-1987
Fairey Aviation CoUK1915-1960 acquired by Westland Aircraft
Farman Aviation WorksFrance1908-1936
Fieseler FlugzeugbauGermany1930-1939 became Gerhard Fieseler Werke
Fisher AircraftUSA1984-
Fisher Body Division of General MotorsUSA1919-
Fleet AircraftCanada1928-1957
Focke-Achgelis & Co GmbHGermany1937-1945
Fokker Aviatik GmbHGermany1912-1919
Folland Aircraft LtdUK1937-1963
Ford Motor Co., Aircraft DivisionUSA
FougaFrance1920-1958 acquired by Potez
Found Brothers Aviation LtdCanada1948-1968
Franklin Glider CorporationUSA1928?-?
G Elias & Brother, IncUSA1920-1929
Gates Learjet CorporationUSA1969-1990 acquired by Bombardier
General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, IncUSA1955-
General DynamicsUSA1952-
Glenn L. Martin CompanyUSA1929-1961 Merged into Martin-Marietta
Globe Aircraft CorporationUSA1942-1947 TEMCO assumed production of Swift
Gloster Aircraft CompanyUK1926-1963 acquired by Hawker Siddeley
Goddard, Dr Robert HUSA1938-1941
Goodyear Aircraft CorpUSA1939-1963 became Goodyear Aerospace Corp
Gould Aero Division of Pratt Read & CoUSAPiano Company
Great Lakes Aircraft CoUSA1929-1936
Grumman Aerospace CorporationUSA1969-1994 Became Northrop-Grumman
Grumman Aircraft Engineering CorporationUSA1929-1969 Became Grumman Aerospace
Halberstadter FlugzeugwerkeGermany1912-1918
Hamilton MetalplaneUSA
Handley Page LtdUK1909-1970
Hawker Aircraft LtdUK1933-1963 brand under Hawker Siddeley Aviation (HSA)
Hawker-Siddeley AviationUK1948-1977 merged into British Aerospace
Heath Airplane CompanyUSA
Heinkel FlugzeugwerkeGermany1922-1965 bought by Vereinigte Flugtechnische Werke (VFW)
Helio Aircraft CompanyUSA1950?-1969 became Helio Aircraft Co div General Aircraft Corp
Horton, Reimar & WalterGermany1933-1945
Howard Aircraft CorporationUSA1934-1944
Hughes Aircraft CorporationUSA1932-1985 became Hughes Electronics
Hunting Aircraft LtdUK1957-1960 taken over by BAC
Hunting Percival Aircraft LtdUK1954-1957 becam Hunting Aircraft
Ilyushin Design BureauRussia
Interstate Aircraft and Engineering CorpUSA1942-
Junkers Flugzeug und Motorenwerke AGGermany1895-1969
Kawanishi Aircraft CoJapan1921-1945
Kawasaki Aircraft IndustriesJapan1918-1945
Keystone LoeningUSA1928-1929 bought by Curtiss-Wright
Kinner Airplane & Motor CorpUSA1919-1937
Klemm Leightflugzeugbau GmbHGermany1926-1945; 1952-1959 bought by Bolkow
Kreider-Reisner Aircraft Co., IncUSA1923-1929 bought out by Fairchild
Laister-Kauffmann Aircraft CorporationUSA1941-1946
Lavochkin Design Bureau (La)Russia
Le Pere, Georges @ USASC Engineering DivUSA1917 Member of the French Aeronautica Mission to the US
Leading Systems, IncUSA1991 Acquired by General Atomics
Let KunoviceCzech Republic
Lippisch, AlexanderGermany
Lisunov Design BureauRussia
Lockheed Aircraft CorporationUSA1932-1995 merged with Martin-Marietta into Lockheed Martin
Lockheed MartinUSA1995-
Long, DavidUSA1948
LTV Aerospace CorporationUSA1962-1972 became Vought Systems
Luscombe Aircraft CorpUSA1937-1950
Martin Marietta CorporationUSA1961-1995 merger with Glenn Martin & American-Marietta
McCook Field Engineering SectionUSA
McDonnell Aircraft CorporationUSA1939-1967 merged with Douglas into McDonnell Douglas
McDonnell Douglas CorporationUSA1967-1997 merged into Boeing
Messerschmitt AGGermany1938-1968 became MBB
Mignet, HenriFrance1920-1960
Mikoyan-Gurevich Design Bureau (MiG)Russia1939-
Mitsubishi Jukogyo K.K. (MHI)Japan1891-
Mono Aircraft CoUSA1929-1931 became Monocoupe
Mooney AircraftUSA1946-1967 became Mooney-Mitsubshi Aircraft Inc
Morrisey Aircraft CorpUSA
Myasishev Design BureauRussia
Nakajima Aircraft CompanyJapan1919-1945
New Standard Aircraft CoUSA1928-1931
Nieuport, Societe Anonyme des EstablissementsFrance1911-1932
Noorduyn Aviation LimitedCanada1934-1953 became Noorduyn Norseman Aircraft Ltd
North American AviationUSA1928-1967 became North American Rockwell
North American RockwellUSA1967-1973 became Rockwell International
Northrop CorporationUSA1939-1994 became Northrop-Grumman
Northrop GrummanUSA1994-
Pacific Aerospace, LtdNew Zealand
Panavia Aircraft GmbHGermany1969-
Percival Aircraft LtdUK1936-1954 became Hunting Percival Aircraft Ltd
Pereira, GeorgeUSA
Petlyakov Design Bureau (Pe)Russia1937-1942
Pietenpol, BernardUSA1901-1984
Pioneer UAV, IncUSAJoint AAI and Isreal Defense Industries
Piper Aircraft CorporationUSA1937-1995 Became New Piper Aircraft
Pitts Aviation Enterprises IncUSA1961-
Polikarpov Design BureauRussia
Porterfield AircraftUSA1934-1941
Prof Dr Dipl-Ing Kurt TankGermany1898-1983
Radioplane CompanyUSA1934-1952 bought by Northrup
Ray StitsUSA
Rearwin AirplanesUSA1928-1942 sold to Commenwealth Aircraft
Reid, DonaldUSA1962
Republic Aviation CorporationUSA1939-1965 became Republic Division of Fairchild
Republic div of Fairchild IndustriesUSA1965-1987
Rockwell InternationalUSA1973-1996 Bought by Boeing Integrated Defense Systems
Rogers Aeronautical Mfg CoUSA1928-1929
Rose Aeroplane & Motor CoUSA1930-1941
Royal Aircraft FactoryUK
Russo-Baltic Carriage Factory (RBVZ)Latvia
Rutan, BurtUSA
Ryan Aeronautical CorporationUSA1934-1968 became Teledyne Ryan
Saunders Roe (SARO)UK1929-1964
Schleicher, Alexander GmbH & CoGermany1927-
Schweizer Aircraft CorporationUSA1939-2004 Aquired by UTC and now a division of Sikorsky
Schweizer Metal Aircraft CompanyUSA1937-1939
Scottish Aviation, LtdUK1935-1977 merged into British Aerospace
Seversky Aircraft CompanyUSA1931-1939 became Republic Aviation Corp
Short Brothers and Harland LtdUK1947-1989 became Short Brothers pic
Slingsby Sailplanes LtdUK1939-1967 became Slingsby Aircraft Ltd
Smith, FrankUSA
Societe Anonyme des Aeroplanes Borel-Morane-SaulnierFrance1911-?
Societe Pour L'Aviation et ses Derives (SPAD)France1913-1921
Soltyk, TadeuszPoland1909-2004
Sopwith Aviation CoUK1912-1920 became H G Hawker Engineering
Spartan Aircraft CompanyUSA1928-1946
Spectrum Aircraft IncCanada1983-1992
Standard Aero CorporationUSA1916-1917 became Standard Aircraft Corp
Stearman Aircraft CompanyUSA1926-1929 became part of United Aircraft, in 1934 Boeing
Stearman Aircraft Div of Boeing Aircraft CoUSA1934-1939 became Wichita Div of Boeing
Stinson Aircraft CompanyUSA1920-1925
Stinson Aircraft Division of Cord CorpUSA1929-1934
Stinson Aircraft Division of Vultee Aircraft CorpUSA1936- 1948 sold to Piper Aircraft Corp
Sukhanov Design Bureau (Su)Russia
Sukhoi Design BureauRussia
Supermarine Aviation Works (Vickers) LtdUK1928-1960 became BAC
Tadiran Electronic SystemsIsreal
Taylor Aircraft CoUSA1931-1937 acquired by Piper
Taylor, John FUK1956
Taylor-Young Airplane CoUSA1937 became Taylorcraft Aviaion Corp
Taylorcraft Aviation CorporationUSA1938-1946
Teledyne RyanUSA1996-1999 absorbed by Northrup Grumman
Thomas-Morse AircraftUSA1917-1929 merged into Consolidated
Timm Aircraft CorporationUSA1922-1948
Travel Air CompanyUSA1925-1929 bought by Curtiss-Wright
Troyer, Kermit RUSA
Tupolev Design BureauRussia
United Aircraft and Transport CorporationUSA1929-1934
US Naval Aircraft FactoryUSA1918-1945
Vega Aircraft CorpUSA1938-1943 absorbed into Lockheed
Vickers-Armstrongs (Aircraft) LtdUK1927-1977 merged into BAe
Vladimir TatlinRussia
Volmer JensenUSA1910-1998
Vought-Sikorsky Div United Aircraft CorpUSA1939-1942 became Vought Div United Aircraft
Vultee Aircraft, IncUSA1939-1943 Merged with Consolidated to become Consolidated Vultee
WACO Aircraft CoUSA1928-1947
Weaver Aircraft Company of Ohio (WACO)USA1919-1923 Became Advance Aircraft (WACO)
Welch Aircraft IndustriesUSA1936-1940
Westland AircraftUK1915-1961 became Westland Helicopters
Windecker IndustriesUSA1962-1976
Wright CompanyUSA1909-1916
Yakovlev Design Bureau JSC (YAK)Russia1934-1992
Zenair LtdCanada1974-
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